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This community is dead. And you know how I feel about dead things. Soooo... I bring you this!

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I'm sooo in a rut so don't read this
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Gee, guess what inspired this. XD We really, really need to get more people on here.


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Member Requirements

  1. Post 300 words a day of creative writing. (Including short stories, long stories, fanfiction (though original is better), creative non-fiction and poetry.) Or 1 page of a comic per week (7 days).


Can I use my history paper for my writing for a day? No. Creative essays are OK, but school papers aren't that creative.

What if I write by hand on paper? Do I have to type it up? Not necessiarly. If you have a scanner (or even a camera) you can post that way.

What if I wrote my 300 words but didn't get a chance to post them? Will I be penilized? No, as long as you wrote that's fine. Post it when you get a chance with a note explaining your excuse.

What if I wrote 600 words yesterday. Does that mean I don't have to write today? No. This community is about writing EVERY DAY! Of course, you could break it up and post some of yesterday's writing and no one would ever know, but that's cheating and since this is a community about self growth and control cheating is lame and pointless.

What about extenuating circumstances? Do your best, if you miss a day then you miss a day.

Can I start writerly discussions? Yes! Definitely. Also, if you have an obscure question concerning something you're writing (ie: Did the French use cross bows or longbows?) you can ask it here and someone might know. However, random discussions about the jelly beans you had for lunch don't belong here. You have a blog already- use it! Oh, and if you get something published you can totally brag about it here.

I wrote a poem but it's not 300 words long/I wrote a 150 words in two different stories. What do I do? If you have multiple projects on the go just post what you have for each. Make sure they're in separate posts with appropriate tags.

I'm halfway through a story. Do I have to post what I've already written? Nope. Your entries don't have to make sense, just as long as you're writing something.

Rewards and Punishments

What's the deal with these? Well, if every memeber in the group posts at least 300 words a day then we get to reward ourselves. The rewards grow as time passes- for example, after one week we can all go get orgasms in a cup, after a month we'll come up with something better.

On the other hand, if you don't keep up BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN! Namely, you'll owe the other members short drabbles or drawings on the topic of their choice. Plus, if you miss a day that means the whole community has to start from scratch with their day count and rewards are put off. Do you want to be responsible for the rest of the group missing an orgasm? I think not.

But there are ways to avoid doing extra work if you miss a day. Your first two misses are freebies and all you get is a warning and glares from the other members. Also, if you go for 30 days without missing one you get one freebie.

Other rules:

  1. Everyone here is posting their first drafts of something. And everyone knows first drafts are stupid and suck. However, it is not your job to point out how much it sucks. Feedback is great, but for the uses of this community only positive feedback is acceptable unless otherwise stated by the writer.
  2. Friends lock all entries.
  3. Tag all entries with your LJ username and title of your piece of writing. If you change your title halfway through your project either keep the same tag or go back and change all the old ones. This is so if someone wants to read an entire story in one go it's much easier to find it.
  4. LJ cuts are your friends! Use them. Outside of the cut you can have a brief summary, word count, title, chapter title, goals you had for this piece, or anything else you would like to put. But no one wants their f'list spammed with long entries.
  5. No plagerising. Duh. I shouldn't even have to mention this, but I am anyway.
  • If your entry is rated R or highed make sure you mention that above the LJ cut so no one gets scarred by accident.
  • Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? Post away. The rules aren't set in stone so if you have a beef we can deal with it.




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